Thursday, June 16, 2011

Yet Another Reason I'm Happy To Be Happily Married

I don't have to experience bad dating scenes like this one:

Novi man beat up, his car driven into lake after Facebook date goes awry

The Detroit Free Press:

A 34-year-old Novi man’s planned sexual encounter arranged over Facebook took a bad turn when he was ambushed by a group of men hiding in the bushes, police said today.

When it was over, the man had a broken jaw, his possessions were stolen and his vehicle was driven into a lake, according to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office....The victim told police he met a woman on Facebook and arranged to see her at a BP gas station . . ..

First off, meeting someone for the first time at a gas station does not sound like a particularly auspicious nor romantic start. Of course, his date went downhill from there, all the way to him getting rolled and his car rolled into the lake.

The poor fellow is now out cash, a cell phone and has to de-water a Ford Explorer (hey, they don't float after all!) but hopefully has gained some wisdom on looking for love in all the wrong places and in the future eschews lousy date locations.


Home on the Range said...

The mechanic that worked on a plane I used to fly was single. We exchanged many a funny story about really bad dates. His worst? He dated a woman on the airport board that was also on the city council. Smart, educated, well dressed, neat. At the end of the first date he knew it was not going to be a good match and he told her it was fun and he looked forward to friendship but there would not be any romance. She said OK. He started to get calls. Every few hours. From different people telling him how wonderful she was and what a mistake he was making. Yet all of the voices sounded strangely like her, even the male ones. Turns out she had multiple personalities and ALL of them stalked him for a while. I think he won the "bad date from hell" contest.

Aaron said...

Certainly sounds like a winner of the "bad date from hell" contest to me.

As she had multiple personalities, did he go on a few double dates all at once?