Sunday, June 26, 2011

First USPSA Match And M&P Problems

I grabbed some zzz's after getting home at 1am and then got up and headed to my first USPSA match. I figured after taking the Aim Fast Hit Fast class I should try my hand at some IPSC shooting.

So I'm psyched, ready to safely shoot the match and practice all the skills Todd taught me - the press out, the mag change and the like.

Unfortunately, the very first stage I shot the M&P started acting up. It would shoot, and then click and there was either a light primer strike or nothing at all, it seemed like the trigger was not engaging the striker.

It was almost continually shoot one, click, tap rack, shoot one, click, tap rack, shoot, shoot, click.

Most distressing.

I took it apart and the take-down pin seemed out of place, I moved it back and it seemed to help but I still had the problem intermittently, f course I had forgot to bring my cleaning kit. These problems of course only show up during a match, 1000 rounds at AFHF with not a single problem and now this, its almost enough to have me go back to my Glock as the go-to firearm.

No idea why its happening and it is the first time it ever did it. If anybody's got some ideas on what is going on, advice would be appreciated.

In any case, I shot with a good bunch of people and had a good time even with the malfunctions doing some very fun and challenging stages. Of course, my scores sucked due to the constant malfunctions. But, I did get a lot of good tap-rack practice as a result, so even when suffering from malfunctions something useful can be learned and practiced - learn to stay in the game no matter what happens.

Yes, the press-outs helped me immeasurably with hitting the A-zone, not to mention the steel and dealing with the dreaded Texas Star.

What's a Texas Star you ask? Here's an example:

I can't wait to make sure the M&P is 100% and shoot another match.

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