Wednesday, June 08, 2011

June Has Been a Bad Month for Authors

First we lose Joel Rosenberg, who was not only a talented and prolific science fiction and fantasy writer, but also a serious pro-2nd Amendment rights activist in Minnesota.

This means there will be no further Guardians of The Flame Books. There will be no further additions to the Metzada Series. There will be no more D'Shai adventures, and no more Keepers of the Hidden Ways Books.

Damn and double damn, Joel Rosenberg's books got me through some rough spots in my teenage years and really into good Sci Fi.

On top of the terrible loss of Mr. Rosenberg, z"l, we come to find out to our dismay that Lillian Jackson Braun, the author of the extensive and enjoyable The Cat Who Series mysteries just died as well.

Both of these fine authors and fine people will be sorely missed.

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Dale said...

Thanks for the kind memories of Joel.