Friday, June 24, 2011

Goofy Gunfire Grips Gibraltar Gunshow

Goofy as it is alliterative, otherwise Stupid, Insane, and Nucking Futz would also be good choices for that which occured.

Alternatively, this post could be titled as Tam is wont to do: This is why we can't have nice things.

I did a filing in Macomb County and happened to drive by the Gibraltar Trade Center and saw a sign for the Gun and Knife Show for this weekend, starting today. So of course I declared lunch, paid $2 to park and went in.

I missed the boom.

Actually I missed BOTH booms in fact.

But, I was there for the crowd of Macomb County Sheriff's Deputies and medics for the aftermath of two acts of monumental stupidity.

Here's what happended as relayed to me by three seperate eyewitnesses (two of them vendors who were at a table right beside the incident):

The vendor handed an attendee what turned out to be a loaded gun (you know where this is going). What the hell he was doing handing over a loaded gun is anyone's guess.

Attendee then lit off a round, putting a hole in the wall, and then handed it back to the vendor.

The vendor, in the spirit of the moment recovered the gun and then fired a round into the concrete floor!, injuring 2 attendees with either bullet or concrete fragments.

Injuries looked minor and were treated on scene and I was there to see that, as well as the Sheriff's photographers documenting the injuries and the holes in the wall and floor.

Note that this wasn't a CCW'r performing an act of monumental stupidity, because anyone ccw'ing to the show has their gun zip-tied and rendered inoperable, but a gun dealer.

This idiot first stupidly handed a customer a gun that was loaded. That in of itself screams for a sanity check.

Then after the customer failed to use common sense and didn't check before pulling the trigger, the dealer retakes possession but then inexplicably fired off a second round! This calls for nice people in white coats (or Sheriff's Department brown) to come take you away as a danger to others.

Update: The Macomb Daily has got the story. However, they missed out that there were two shots that went off.

By The Macomb Daily Staff

A woman suffered a superficial wound Friday when she was struck by a bullet fragment after a gun accidentally discharged during a gun and knife trade show at Gibraltar Trade Center in Mount Clemens.

The incident occurred at approximately 1:45 p.m. Macomb County Sheriff’s deputies and Mount Clemens firefighters are at the scene.

Further update: Foxnews Detroit has the story, correctly reports 2 shots, and states there were 3 persons slightly injured (two women and a 10 year old girl - I saw one of the ladies seated near the scene being treated) and the gun in question was a .45.

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