Sunday, June 05, 2011

Dive 182 - Union Lake and a taste of Scootering

So Chad, Rob, Chris, Keith and I met up at Union at 8am this morning and hit the water.

Lots of boats were present and the visibility wasn't great but it turned into a pretty decent dive.

I did a good valve drill, no hitting the bottom during the drill, and my trim is getting better.

We kicked around the boats a bit and then Reichy gave me his scooter to try.

Its a Dive X Sierra and awesome is not the word for it.

Once I finished embarrassing myself clumsily hooking into the tow line and trashing my buoyancy while doing so, I was ready and it was a blast.

I was zipping in circles around the other divers effortlessly. I went from boat to boat and just had a great time before handing it back. Much too much fun.

Here's a cool example of what these scooters can do:

Now I gotta get me one of these. One more item on the must-get list.

I also donated air to Rob who was running low and as we headed back to shore we saw a 2 foot long pike almost completely hidden in the weeds. Nice smooth ascent on the way back keeping in good trim with good buoyancy control.

Great dive.

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