Friday, March 18, 2011

Vanessa Hudgens finds out that storing nude photos online is not the best idea

The Detroit Free Press: FBI tracking hacked nude photos of Vanessa Hudgens

(Photo taken by Emma Lilly, CC BY-SA 3.0)

Angry about the latest round of personal nude photographs leaked to the Internet this week, the pretty "Beastly" star Vanessa Hudgens has recruited law enforcement officials to help her crack the case.

Hudgens, 22, who skyrocketed to fame in the Disney-made "High School Musical" films, met with FBI agents for more than an hour Wednesday hoping to expose the perpetrators who hacked into her Gmail account, then stole and distributed her personal files, according to
Keeping those photos, or other items you wish to remain private, "in the cloud" where they can be hacked is just not the best idea. This is especially so when you're a celebrity and hackers want to go after your stuff for the thrill of it, especially when you've got that wholesome image thing going.

I'm not excusing the wrongfulness of the hackers in breaking into her account, but if you don't want the risk of your photos coming out, keep them in a secure location so they're not the fruits of a successful hack.

As more and more data starts living in a cloud, expect more hackers to try and make some rain.

Considering that a lot of these hackers are teen boys who in addition to the Internet have something else on the brain, expect lots of nude photos to be falling out of the clouds...

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