Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Interesting Examples of Media Selectivity

If you said it and its not reported, did it happen?

its interesting how multiple media outlets are not reporting Farrakhan's Anti-Semitic outburst.

For example, The Huffington Post covers his speech and even had extensive coverage on his UFO theories and approval of Scientology, but cuts the quotes to eliminate any reference to Jews: Louis Farrakhan: Libya's Muammar Gaddafi Remains A Friend

Farrakhan, 77, visited Gaddafi in the 1980s and has since considered him a friend. He said that if Gaddafi is persecuted for crimes against humanity, the same should apply to former President George W. Bush for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He also said the U.S. shouldn't intervene in Libya with an armed response.

"I'm warning you this is a Libyan problem, let the Libyans solve their problem," he said.

Farrakhan also said he expects that uprisings happening in the Middle East will soon come to the U.S. He mentioned Tunisia, Egypt and other countries but didn't offer specifics on his stance on the unrest, except to say that leaders should not attack innocent protesters.
Farrakhan's speech touched on a wide range of historic topics through the lens of the Nation of Islam, including several severe weather incidents and a history of Shriners and freemasons. He also spoke at length about Scientology; Farrakhan has recently embraced some concepts of the religion.

Farrakhan also spoke of the Nation's belief in UFOs and the belief that sightings are on the rise
A rather impoortant and newsworthy element of the speech is completely glossed over now isn't it?

Clutch magazine, the proclaimed online magazine for urban Black women (a very strange site indeed, talk about a tour through the looking glass) similarly cuts his quotes to remove any antisemitic references.

The more mainstream Chicago Sun-Times similarly cut the quotes to avoid any reference, as did the Chicago Tribune. For that matter neither did the Detroit News report on the statements as it relied on an AP feed that similarly removed any references.

An interesting example of media self-censorship.

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Spikessib said...

I am sad, because I don't even find things like this surprising anymore.

I am a little confused that it's Muslims who are getting a pass nowadays. Seems even the current crop of useful idiots would recognize that the Islamic belief system is incompatible with the multiculturalism the idiots worship.