Sunday, March 06, 2011

CSI: Olde Canada Edition: The Case of Robbery with Violence

Ah, tales of the RCMP to excite Canadian kids reading Canadian Heroes Comics in the Winter of 44/45.

It certainly gives you an idea about the relatively low level of crime in Canada in that era when a home invasion (long before they were named such) that took place in Manitoba in 1934 rates a space in the comics:

I do love the final statement from the robber
"Gee Ya Can't get away wit' anyt'ing against these modern detective contraptions, it jes' don't pay no more."

Ah, "modern" criminal investigative techniques like lineups, questioning witnesses, and checking items for traces of evidence and fingerprints. Crime fighting has come quite a ways since then, but in many ways it hasn't changed all that much.

After all, the Mounties always get their man.

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