Sunday, March 20, 2011

No War for Total Fina Elf!

This post was inspired by Tam's snark-winning post of yesterday.

French Jets are flying over Libya putatively to enforce a no-fly zone, but of course, it's all about oil contracts for Total Fina Elf n'est ce pas?

Indeed, were I some leftist anti-war protester and Obama was Bush....

It is sad however that the reality of US foreign policy decisions under Obama has devolved to:

"Are the French down with it? Well, ok then."

That it took the French and the Brits to finally get Obama to take any real action is quite pathetic. America from leader of the free world to mutli-lateral supporting player in one administration.

Indeed, It seems Hilary Clinton was instrumental in making decisive decisions about US Foreign Policy concerning Libya, and as Glenn Reynolds has posted before, she has been predicted to be the most uncompromising wartime president in history, and he may very well be right and she's getting her start at State. HRC in 2012 for the Dems?

In any case, it is nice to see Obama following the modern Democrat precedent on war making: lob a few cruise missiles at a convenient target.

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Scott said...

Are we going to see someone like Christianne Amanpour reprising Peter Arnett's stunning coverage of the bombing of a baby milk factory in Tripoli and then castigating Obama (spit) for killing innocent civilians?