Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ripped Off in Windsor

My wife was in Windsor today with the kids to pickup one of her friends who had taken the train there and was coming to visit us from Toronto.

So she and the kids picked her up and on the way in Windsor stopped by the Detroit River at a park for a picnic. I sadly was stuck up in Flint for a deposition.

Unfortunately, while they were having a pleasant lunch on the waterfront in peaceful Windsor, some scumbag yet unknown smashed the passenger window of the van and grabbed both our video camera and digital camera, which were in the car as we had just taken pictures of our 3.5 year olds first ever pre-school year graduation.

The Windsor Police took a report and were very kind, courteous, helpful and professional, especially to a bewildered 3.5 year old that didn't understand why the window was broken with glass everywhere and the cameras gone. I'm grateful for their assistance.

Needless to say, the loss of the cameras hurt, but the loss of the tapes in the camera and the bag and SD Card holding those pictures hurts much more.

As such, if you're in the Windsor area, and someone offers you the following for sale:

Canon ZR60 Digital Video Camera Serial # 172646350215 (with a extra-large battery mounted, plus spare battery, charger and remote and black letherette case)

Canon Powershot A540 Serial # 3222219295 (Also in the same black case along with 6 Radio Shack nimh recheargeable batteries)

Please do the following:

1. Buy them from the seller.
2. Take the cameras.
2. Kick the seller's ass, hard and repeatedly.
3. Take your money back,
4. Turn the seller or what is left of him over to the Windsor Police.
5. Let me know and I'd be grateful for the memory cards and tapes.

Update: Of course the insurance deductible is above the current value of comparable replacements so it makes no sense to do an insurance claim on the cameras. The window got fixed and we found the bugger had also damaged the window frame itself.

The cameras are replaceable, the images on the memory card and MiniDV tapes are not.

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