Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Center holds, but not the Center that Sen. Kennedy is talking about.

Thankfully the Immigration / Amnesty bill has been stopped for now. But its supporters on both sides of the aisle are trying their best to come back. Kennedy among others is pushing for the bill to be brought again and passed.
Kennedy: 'The center is holding'

Before the luncheon, Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Massachusetts, who worked with the White House and Republicans on writing the bill, issued a statement saying, "Like the president, many of us are very determined to get the job done and get it done now.

"The center is holding together: Last night we met to discuss the options for moving it forward, and today we'll continue that work. We share the sense of urgency that this important issue deserves."
The Center did hold Senator, the Center in this case were Americans that were not about to see another amnesty coupled with empty promises of tightening the border, with 12 million illegals swamping this country and overwhelming our social services.

The Center held and stopped the bill for now. Hopefully it will stay firm against both the left-wing love of illegals for their democratic voting tendencies and lack of American values, and the right-wing love of extra cheap labor and a flagging attempt by the President to build a domestic policy legacy.

This Immigration bill is so badly flawed the Center has told both sides pushing for this incredibly flawed bill to stop.

May the Center hold and stop this bill.

Mr. President, if you want a legacy that you will be remembered fondly for, pass a good bill to secure the border first, then pass a bill to encourage legal immigration and clamp down on illegal immigration. it's not to late to fix this latest tone-deaf mistake.

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