Thursday, June 14, 2007

Palestinians may be in Civil War. But it's not a Civil War yet!

Finally the MSM and others are kinda-sort-maybe calling the fighting between Hamas and Fatah in Gaza a civil war. mainly saying that "Gaza is sliding into Civil war", or "Sky News - Gaza Descending Into Civil War" or "Palestinians in Gaza nearing civil war"

Never mind that the shooting, bombing and internecine squabbling has been going on for months between the two parties, interrupted only by the occasional rocket launching or terrorist attack on Israel.

Seems a bit out of a Monty Python skit -

Israeli - Here's a Civil War between Fatah and Hamas

Hamas/Fatah > I'm not a civil war yet"

Reporter = What?

Israeli - Nothing, here's your story.

Hamas/Fatah > I'm not a civil war.

Reporter = 'Ere! 'E says 'e's not a civil war!

Israeli - Yes he is.

Hamas/Fatah > I'm not!

Reporter = 'E isn't?

Israeli - Well... he will be soon-- he's been shooting and bombing at 'imself for weeks already

Hamas/Fatah > I'm getting better!

Israeli - No you're not, you'll be a civil war in a moment.

Reporter = I can't call 'im a Civil War like that! It's against regulations!

Hamas/Fatah > I don't want to be reported in the papers as a civil war....

Israeli - Oh, don't be such a baby, when you're not trying to kill us, you're killin' each other at a record pace.

Reporter = I can't report 'im as a civil war, they're Palestinians ya know

Hamas/Fatah > I feel fine!

Israeli - Well do us a favor and accurately report it as a civil war.

Reporter = I can't, there's only Arabs involved, journalistic standards!

Israeli - Can you hang around a couple of minutes? He won't be long to be a full blown civil war.

Reporter = No gotta get to Iraq, there's a civil war there and Americans are involved ya know.

Israeli - Well, when's your next round?

Reporter = Thursday.

Hamas/Fatah > I think I'll go for a walk....

Israeli - You're not fooling anyone, you know-- (shooting in the distance)(to Reporter) Look, isn't there something you can do...?

(more shooting in the distance)

Hamas/Fatah > I feel happy! I feel happy!

(lots more shooting in the distance)

Reporter: Gaza descends into civil warA supremacy struggle in the Gaza Strip is steadily escalating into civil war, Palestinian leaders have admitted.

Israeli - Ah. Close enough, thanks very much.

Reporter= Not at all. See you on Thursday!

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