Saturday, June 23, 2007

New Cameras

So to replace the cameras that were stolen we went shopping.

We ended up after much consideration and comparison with a Canon SD1000 Digital ELPH camera:

The SD1000, for just about the same price we paid for the A540 a few short months ago back at the end of 2006, is smaller, with better resolution and picture quality.

And a Sony HC48 Digital Camcorder:

The HC48, replacing the Canon ZR60 that was stolen is leaps and bounds ahead of the 5 year old Canon ZR60 - better picture quality, no sound interfere from the tape reels and it even has a cool infrared capability so you can take movies in complete darkness.

If you're looking for nice quality digital camera that is ultra portable and easy to use I'd recommend the SD1000, and the movie quality of the HC48 is unbeatable for the price.

The theft hurts the most due to the pictures and movies of the kids we lost. The fact that we had to shell out a decent amount of money to unexpectedly replace the cameras likewise was an unplanned for expense that messed up the budget nicely.

The sole upside to all this was the replacements are much better than what was taken so the pictures will be better and hence the memories will last longer, and because both cameras are smaller, we'll be more likely to have them with us when a picturable moment presents itself. There's noway we would have gone out and replaced them unless the cameras broke or were as in this case, stolen so the forced upgrade is a small consolation.

Of course the unseen effect is what we could have done with the $500 had we not needed to spend it to replace the cameras. Ah well, no use worrying about that now.

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