Thursday, November 09, 2006

October Trip to West Virginia

Country Roads took me to Lagniappe's Lair in Harper's Ferry, West Virginia. Ok, first I was Leaving Michigan on a Jet Plane, but that's besides the point and enough of those country song references.

Harper's Ferry is absolutely beautiful in the Autumn:

At Antietam this line of cannon was a sobering reminder of the carnage that the armies faced. Over 20,000 Americans died in one day during the battle. To put that in perspective, we need to be in Iraq for 17 more years at the current casualty rate to get to the losses suffered in one lone day in the Civil War.
When men charged cannon and rifled muskets that were in good defensive positions, the slaughter was horrendous.

Visiting Lagniappe and his Owner was great. It was good to see him in good spirits and with a determination not to let his injury stop him from anything. As you can see from his bog, on our visit he dropped his crutches and started walking unsupported, including up and down 121 steps, as you can read on his Walking post. He's got more guts and sheer determination than most people will ever have.

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