Thursday, November 09, 2006

Election Campaign Pet Peeve -Electoral Junk Phone Calls

For some reason this 2006 campaign season seems to have been the birht of a tremendous number of unwanted and unsolicited political telephone calls to an unnaceptable level.

During this political campaigns phone I received calls with computer messages and recorded messages at all hours of the day and night. Such calls seemed perfectly timed for whenever I was in the shower, about to eat dinner, far from the phone, or once the baby finally settled down to sleep. Of course such a call would wake the baby up - which to sleep deprived parents is not just infuriating, it could lead to justifiable homicide by said parent against the originator of these electoral junk calls.

The caller ID on most of these calls showed up as "blocked" and given I have friends and family with blocked numbers I would pick them up only to hear these %$!$ messages.

This was extremely annoying, so much so that I'm now adopting a voting policy that whichever candidate calls me the most with such stupid annoyances and wakes up the baby will automatically earn a vote against them and for their leading opponent, regardless of party.

Enough already.

Politicians look, just because you exempted yourselves from the Do Not Call list doesn't mean I want your calls at all hours of the day - you're not persuading me, your annoying me and losing my vote. Quit the blocked numbers, identify the origin of the call and just quit calling. I get enough campaing info through mail, internet and media and your calls do not inform or persuade me to vote for you.

I'm on that Do Not Call list for a reason, I don't want junk calls whether from telemarkers with a consumer product or you with a political product.

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