Monday, November 27, 2006

If they could just make it Practical with 4WD and room...

An impressive write-up of the elctrically-powered Tesla Roadster, possibly the first real high-performance electrically powered production sportscar.

2-place Sportscars have their niches and at $100,000 a copy its a nice that's out of my budget, but also out of my needs and desires for a vehicle.

Make it with 4WD for michigan winters and wilderness, give it a good cargo capacity for hauling the kids and gear and decent range between plug-ins (the 250 miles it currently has isn't a bad start, make it 500 and you've got the practical radius for most serious non-stop day trips).

The Tesla Roadster is a good example of what great engineering can do. Now if the engine and battery design can be turned to a more practical mass-market and affordable direction, it would be extremely attractive indeed.

For those of you with the high-end sports car owner mindset, give it a look as it seems to be very impressive.

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