Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Michigan's Election Results - The Proposals

First The Proposals:

Proposal 1 - Passed 81% to 19%

Proposal 2 - Passed 58% to 42%

Proposal 3 - Failed 31% to 69%

Proposal 4 - Passed 80% to 20%

Proposal 5 - Failed 38% to 62%

All in all, this was an excellent result from a conservative and individual rights perspective. Affirmative action in government was struck down, ensuring more fairness in hiring, contract and University admissions. Property was protected from takings from other more politically connected private takers, and natural resource licensing fees and monies were enshrined to actually protect and improve the natural resources they are collected for. In addition, the teacher's union failed to vote itself largess and a guaranteed income stream from the public purse. While dove hunting failed,hopefully it will not embolden those such as HSUS into thinking that its open season on hunting activities in Michigan.

Four out of five proposals that I advocated for passed, which is an excellent result.

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