Friday, November 14, 2003

Truth Laid Bear: Blogs to Watch

On the Truth Laid Bear, there are several examples of excellent new blogs. My favorites, excepting my own of course that I just submitted (yes I put the blog post in the political rather than non-political section by mistake, put it down to an oversight during the submission process due to lack of sleep, too much coffee and too much work) are:

1. The Daily Ablution

Nice commentary on current events with the right amount of irony and outrage. Any website with the slogan "Washing Brains Since 2003" has got to be good.

2. eTALKINGHEAD Similarly offers sharp political commentary

In the Nonpolitical area (where my post shoulda went, sigh.) I vote for Bawstin Tech Pundits. It offers good commentary on technology today. I like the cell phone post and also wonder what the value of a TV on a cell phone is, not just in terms of technology lag but because putting a TV on could indeed be maddness, now you're not just talking on the phone while driving in traffic you may be watching it too. I'd rather they perfect cell phone technology first without seeing how many more gadgets they can squeeze into the phone's footprint myself.

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