Tuesday, November 04, 2003

State Bar of Michigan Bar Results are UP!

The list of CERTIFIED passers of the July 2003 Michigan Bar Examination, identified by the last six digits of their social security numbers was just posted to their website.

After months of studying, two days of pure "delight" taking the exam, then months of waiting, and finally the results, drumroll please......

I'm ON It. I passed! Wahoo!

Now on to getting sweared in and practicing law for real.

I'll blog more on the bar exam experience later, for now its time to celebrate!

Update: I just received the official envelope and I multistated out with a score of 161 (You need 150 to pass based on your multistate score). So I get some bragging rights but any pass is a good pass. Congrats to everyone that made it.

Further Update: It seems that people are searching Google for michigan Bar Results and finding my site. To see the list of names of those who have been ceretified as passing the Michigan Bar Exam click on Michigan Lawyers Weekly

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