Friday, November 21, 2003

Portland 7 Tapes Released

Little Green Footballs reports that prosecutors have released tapes of the members of the Portland Seven having conversations that ranged from their desire to kill lots of Jews to just cutting off the heads of nonMuslims in general, bomb making etc.

All the members of the Portland 7 have pleaded guilty to various charges and are awaiting sentencing.

Wait a minute, weren't all the Leftist groups proudly proclaiming the innocence of the Portland 7 and how they were poor innocents just being profilied and victimized by Ashcroft's evil Justice department.

Where is the left's reaction now? We're waiting.

Oh, I get it, no apologies from the Left, no admission that yet again they were wrong and that these people were in fact guilty as hell, just silence.

Note to all concerned - especially the media that doesn't question the leftists when they make these dumb proclamations - the Left's credibility has long past reached its nadir and it just keeps on falling.

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