Friday, November 14, 2003

Canada, A Haven for Terrorists

The National Press reports that

In one attack, on Dec. 26, 1968, a Palestinian named Mahmoud Mohammad Issa Mohammad attacked an El Al plane in Athens with guns and grenades, killing one man.

The PFLP later said the attack was meant "to damage Israeli aircraft and kill Jews." Mohammad moved to Canada in 1987 and has lived here ever since. Attempts to deport him for terrorism have so far been unsuccessful.

So a murderer has been living the good life in Canada for the past SIXTEEN years. It would be interesting to know what exactly is holding up his deportation and why the attempts have been unsuccessful.

So Canada on the one hand is reconsidering allowing El Al flights to land at Toronto due to terrorist threats against them, but lets terrorists live there, probably complete with all the benefits that the welfare state can offer.

Oh Canada indeed.

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