Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Coin of The Week - A Denarius of The Emperor Nero

A Denarius of the Emperor Nero, with the permission and courtesy of Harlan J. Berk Ltd..

This Coin is in Very Fine (VF) Condition and is dated 67-8 C.E.

Nero's pudgy face is quite apparent on this coin and the Obverse reads IMP NERO CAESER AVG II. (More on understanding Roman Coin legends in a later post).

On the Reverse of the coin is SALUS. Salus was the Roman deity of health and a protector of the Roman people.

This coin is on Harlan J. Berk's Bid or Buy price list, which is a rather unique auction system. The estimated price listed is the top price the coin will sell for, so if you feel the need to own it and don't like to wait for an auction to end and can't live with the fear that you might be outbid, you can buy it outright for that price. Or you can bid on it a reasonable amount and hope to save some money.

The buy price for this coin is $275 and the bid, at the time of my blogging this is $175.

Roman Coins tend to be a popular starting spot for people collecting ancient coins because:
1. They tend to be cheaper than Greek or Judean coins

2. They are incredibly varied. There are many denominations that change over time, and many emperors to collect, as well as themes prominently displayed.

This coin for example, could be part of a portrait collection of Roman Emperors (sort of like collecting all the cards of players on a team), it could be part of a collection of Roman Coins with deities or religious themes upon them, or it could be part of a generalized Roman silver coin collection.

Note: The denarius was the basic unit of the Roman coinage in the Roman Republic and Early Empire, with accompanying gold and bronze coins.

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