Saturday, September 26, 2020

The Biannual Wash N' Wax - Aviation Has Risks

Today was a good day to get out and clean the aircraft. It's also mandatory to attend as part of the flying club, and itg's a nice time to meet up and chat with your fellow members.

Pretty much all the club members showed up and that made cleaning and waxing the planes a much faster job.  The weather being nice didn't hurt either.

What did hurt was when a fellow member decided to turn with his long-handled cleaning bush and didn't check his six or do a clearing turn before doing so.


 At least it missed the eye itself, but I sure as heck saw stars.  Aviation after all has inherent risks, even on the ground.

No major harm done, but I had quite a headache from it and I'm gonna have quite the shiner.

Well, the planes were taken form their hangars and first de-greased and their bellies soaped down by hand.  Then we did a taxi to the wash stand and soaped them down completely and washed them with a pressure washer. Then, we taxied them back to the hangars and toweled them dry and then sprayed Brillianize wax on them and toweled that to a shine.


They looked darn nice when we were done with them, and it took less than two hours to detail both aircraft.

One of our former long-standing members showed up to the wash n wax.  He recently left the club because he had decided to buy his own airplane, and after we were done cleaning and putting the planes away we went to admire it.

It' a 1978 Bonanza A36, and it's a beast.

6 seats, 160 knot cruising speed, complex, and all tricked out with some awesome avionics.   He also wisely got 35 hours of instruction in the Bonanza to learn its idiosyncrasies and how to keep ahead of it.  It's a very, very nice plane.

Not a bad way to spend a few hours.


Old NFO said...

Nice, and you know the wife is going to get the blame for the shiner, and you're going to be asked what you did to deserve it... LOL

Murphy's Law said...

Know any good ambulance-chasing lawyers?

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

You really need to call 1-800 Aaron-the-Shekel, you may be due compensation, lol Blame Murphy...I got the idea from him. The airplanes look good

Unknown said...

My old high school principal,who taught me how to become a ham radio operator, was also a flyer. He had an airplane, at home, in Hesperia, in his garage,that he was doing a facelift on. Just the looks part, none of the mechanical stuff.
He said that people would drive by and stare at his airplane in his garage, and get mad,because obviously he was making too much money, if he could afford an airplane.
The guys that were driving by were driving brand new fancy vehicles,at the time,like 20,000$ Blazers and such. His airplane cost him 4,000$. Plus,his wife was the executive secretary for the CEO of Gerber Baby Foods, in Fremont, a 12 mile drive away from my home town.
I became a Ham in 1972, and I am now 60 years old, and still a ham. He wanted me to get into the CAP, but I only had so many hours in the day, in high school. Glad you only got a bad shiner. It could have been much worse,and one eye is no fun. I have a 23 year old daughter who lives with us,who only has one eye. She is adopted,and a few years ago,started to have symptoms of a detached retina,in both eyes. The doctor did surgery, and fixed the first one,telling us that it was caused from shaken baby syndrome. She had a cataract grow, not unusual, I guess, and they fixed that,and her sight faded until it was gone in that eye, and eventually the took that eye out, it was causing trouble in her other eye. They did a totally different procedure for the other eye,and it seems to be doing ok.
We also adopted her older sister, who is ok. But they don't take kids away from parents for no reason. I am just glad that we have some of the best specialists in the area in my town, who was able to keep up with everything going on,and fix it.