Sunday, September 27, 2020

Sunday Match Day

This morning was a USPSA match at Wayne County Racoon  Hunters Club. I met up with Tosh and we headed to the match,

It's a very nice club, good bunch of people  and they put on quite a challenging match with a lot of distance targets. 

Overall not my best match ever.  Had a few moments that were good. but pretty average otherwise and one major flub during a stage where I completely  missed a hidden popper that could only be seen at just the right angle and the drop-turner it controlled.  Would have been a great stage, had I not blasted right by it would have been a great stage, but I did so it was not so good.

Overall I'm in the 3s hit-factor wise and need to get that up if I'm going to improve.  Accuracy is good, but I really need to get the speed up to snuff.

On the last stage of the match,  I had a failure to feed while doing a reload, likely I messed it up somehow but it does count as a failure, I cleared it and went on but it slowed me down a tad. Would have made it into the 4s but for the failure but ended up in the 3s yet again.

Lots more to practice in order to improve.

195 Rounds through the Masada and 1 failure.

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Old NFO said...

Trigger time is trigger time. And learning takes place. Review and move on!