Sunday, May 31, 2020

How Not To Get A Protest And Riots Named In Your Honor

So we will likely get a bit more rioting tonight.

Take people cooped and afraid up with nothing to do and no outlet for the pressure.

Add a stupid act by a police officer excessively kneeling on someone's neck that may not have been the sole factor in his death but likely was A factor, and that was sufficient to get riots breaking out amongst the blue state cities.

Now this could have been entirely prevented by two simple steps on the part of the departed Mr. Floyd:

1. Don't commit a crime; and
2. Don't resist arrest.

Most encounters with police start going downhill once you decide to resist a lawful arrest.

How far it rolls downhill depends on factors that can get out of control very quickly.

In this case it definitely went downhill and got out of control, badly.

A very quick refresher by Chris Rock (along with some better training for these blue state police departments) may help prevent these incidents in the future:


Old NFO said...

This is getting uglier by the day...

Eaton Rapids Joe said...

Thanks for the Chris Rock video.

I have been "lectured" by several people that I need to harangue my kids regarding getting stopped by the police.

If they haven't heard me by now, then my "advice" will bounce off of them.

Maybe they will hear a refresher by Chris Rock better.

Witold Pilecki said...

I know that is a couple of decades old, but I can't believe it is still available to view on-line.

Its funny because its true.

Aaron said...

Old NFO: That it is. The Dems are keeping up their old tactics of playing to the mob for political gain.

Eaton Rapids Joe: Yep, it's a pretty educational video that can get kids attention. Even when it is the same advice coming from their parents, they tend to listen more to an outside figure.

Wiltold Pilecki: Yep, I'm impressed he hasn't done a denunciation of his past self for such a politically incorrect demand for personal responsibility.