Friday, May 22, 2020

Bidenmentia: My Pick For VP is So Secret, I Don't Even Know Who it Is!

The Detroit Free Press: Joe Biden: I 'honest to God don't know who' VP pick will be

One would think he'd be moving along with this choice, as the pick would earn him some media attention when he's otherwise been nowhere to be found. But, so far he hasn't a clue who his advisors think will poll best as his running mate.

Tellingly, he actually declared that "no one has been vetted yet."

So after all this time and his many announcements about having a woman VP he hasn't gotten the task of vetting potential candidates going yet? Seriously?

An interesitng thing to say when news reportes are suggesting otherwise: Klobuchar reportedly being vetted to be Joe Biden’s running mate

Either he's lying on the lack of vetting, or he really is waiting for the winds to blow, and the polls and the various factions in the Democratic Party to come out with their choice of Vice President.

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Windy Wilson said...

He hasn't figured out which one has the best-smelling hair yet.