Saturday, May 30, 2020

Range Trip: Something To Tok About

Went to the range today.

I finally brought along the Romanian Tokarev.

The firearm even after being cleaned is still oozing cosmoline and it really started dripping off the firearm once it was sitting in the sun.

As I noted before, the sights on it are really rather good and large for a military pistol from the 50's.

The first five rounds shot from 7 yards - "On command, At the deserter's head - Fire!":

Not bad at all.

I'm rather pleased with it. The Tok's thin form really fits in the hand, the steel frame sucks up the recoil, and it chugged along shooting 50 rounds of 7.62x25 without a hitch. The Romanian add-on safety lever to let it be imported into the USA works well and is easy enough to manipulate.

A nice historic weapon from the Cold War, and it's one of the more affordable and relatively plentiful Curio and Relic firearms still out there.

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