Tuesday, February 18, 2020

That May Be Yours, But It's A Mine

Amazing what you can buy on the Internet these days.

The Detroit News: Bloomfield Township man finds out novelty land mine could have been real

After receiving what he thought was an inert gag landmine, the buyer got an email from the company that sold it that it may instead be live.

Whether the item or the email or both was the gag is an open question. The State Police secured it and likely in a preventative manner blew it up. No reports as to whether it was actually a live mine, but in any case, it's no longer his.

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Witold Pilecki said...

When I was in the final weeks of Army boot camp, we got into weapons beyond the M-16 (M-60, M-203, grenades, M-72 LAW, Claymore mines, etc.). It was the Claymore training that I am reminded of here. We were in a large hall as the sargent was demonstrating the proper assembly and orientation ("THIS SIDE TOWARDS ENEMY") of what looked like a real Claymore. While he was talking, he inserts a blasting cap and starts uncoiling the wire heading to a corner of the large room. Still talking, he casually hooks the wires to the trigger mechanism and holds it up. He looks at everyone and says, "Goodbye" and hits the trigger. The blasting cap goes off with a loud bang and scares the bejeezus out of everyone there. Pretty funny looking back on it now.