Thursday, February 13, 2020

IWI Masada Rounds 851-1150

First range trip of the year finally took place tonight.

Due to the snow, timing etc, I went to the nearby indoor range where the term Range Nazi is not overused.

On the upside it's really close, warm and I could get some shooting in.

I fired 250 rounds of Federal Black Pack 115 gr 9mm Through the Masada, followed by 50 Rounds of M882 ball ammo, also made by Federal.

No failures of any kind to report, even when shooting a lot of ammo through it very rapidly. I was shooting rapidly enough that smoke was visibly rising off the barrel after putting it down to reload the 4 magazines I had just run through it.

No complaints from the Masada though, it just kept on chugging along.

After 1,150 rounds, it's starting to look a tad dirty around the muzzle.

The Trijicon SRO is fantastic - It's very quick to pickup the dot and failure to stop drills are a snap with it. Very easy to quickly acquire the target and hit it precisely. The SRO kept its zero perfectly and is a very impressive and useful addition to a pistol.

Now more than halfway through the 2,000 rounds, and this pistol is seriously growing on me.

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