Monday, February 24, 2020

Wayne County: Where Certain Anti-Gay Racists and Racial Supremacists And Segregationists Are Celebratred

I was told that celebrating out and out racists and racial supremacists and segregationists, as well celebrating anti-gay people was a bad thing [Quick note to readers: In fact, it is].

Indeed, I was under the rather strong impression that it is rather bad for governments to praise such individuals and groups that promote hate.

Detroit, Wayne County and multiple local governments from Wayne County have decided otherwise.

In short, out and out racism, anti-gay bigotry is just fine so long as it comes from the head of the Nation of Islam:

The Detroit Free Press: Louis Farrakhan says billionaires 'paying off' black preachers, politicians

In attendance was the mayors of Eastpointe, Inkster, and Muskegon Heights, said Nuri Muhammad of the Nation of Islam, introducing them before Farrakhan's speech.

The chief of staff of Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones read a resolution in support of the group: "Almost 700,000 Detroiters are with you ... love the Nation of Islam."

Wayne County honored the Nation of Islam's newspaper, The Final Call, with a resolution that was featured in the convention program.

Apparently, promotion of racism, anti-homosexual, segregationist, and supremacist advocacy is all just fine and worty of praise when it comes from an African-American Muslim.

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MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

By the intersectional identity politics of the left, since Farrakan
is not a white person, so he is excused because of well 400 years of oppression or some crap like that. The liberal left can't criticize any person other than white people, that is why China and India gets a pass on the pollution.