Friday, July 19, 2019

You Know That "No Weapons " Sign On The Courthouse Door?

They mean it when they put that sign up. They really mean it. It's not a polite suggestion.

The Detroit Free Press: Pontiac woman arrested after trying to bring stun gun to court

You need a Concealed Pistol License CPL to even carry a stun gun (Taser-type) in Michigan. The article isn't clear if this even was a legal stun gun device, but it is clear she lacked a CPL so could not have been legally carrying it in any case.

Now, even if she had CPL, which she did not, that still wouldn't let her carry it into the court. You would think the no weapons sign and metal detectors, not to mention the court officers at the door, would have tipped her off that she really shouldn't try to bring it into court.

Some people really can't pick up on very obvious clues not to do something felony-stupid.

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Old NFO said...

Not the sharpest tack in package, eh? :-)