Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Tasers Aren't 100% Effective

Especially when they are used against large drunken football players, as can be seen in the video in the attached story.

The Detroit News: TMZ releases video of ex-MSU star Malik McDowell in scuffle with police

The scene: Lathrup Village north of Detroit.

In short, a rather drunk and rather large Detroiter is pulled over, exits his vehicle, refuses to comply with an officer, goes into the convenience store where he's pulled over, keeps refusing to comply, and then sparks fly.

Sparks from repeated tasings that can be heard in the video don't seem to affect this guy at all.

Finally multiple other officers arrive and get him properly arrested as the original officer on the scene definitely had his hands full.

The drunken fellow gets charged with assault and resisting arrest, and operating while intoxicated, and also has some outstanding charges for receiving and concealing stolen property.


Eaton Rapids Joe said...

Sweaty shirts are conductive.

Add in the fact that many people with mental health issues are addicted to sweatshirts. For some reason they crave the swaddling or hugging effect. People who go bananas often have mental/emotional issues.

What are the odds of a very large person having a sweaty shirt on a hot, humid night? Much of the current shunts though the salty, soaked clothing rather than tickling nerve endings.

Aaron said...

Eaton Rapids Joe:

Could be. This one took place in winter so probably clothing may have blocked it somewhat, but it looks like the guy felt it but shrugged it off. Being a huge and drunk football player may ahve had soemthign to do with that.