Wednesday, July 17, 2019

When You Come At the King, You Best Not Miss

The Democrats just had a rather embarrassing swing and a miss today.

The Detroit Free Press: Democratic-controlled House kills articles of impeachment against Trump

The impeachment attempt, done apparently against Pelosi's wishes, based on the rationale that Orange Man Bad, He Hurts Widdle People's Feewings, went down in flames in the Democrat controlled House 332-95. Such flames in fact that it seems mighty difficult to retrieve the resolution itself from the House's website (it comes up page not found), and the vote is not listed on the front page of the House's website that lists activity that took place today. Perhaps they're a tad embarrased they even brought it up.

The Four Donkeywomen of the Derpocalypse voted for the impeachment resolution. Interestingly and likely mindful of his upcoming contested race, Rep and former Republican Justin Amash, who had called for Trump's impeachment did not vote for this futile gesture. Nor did most Democrats for that matter who knew it was baseless and not a hill to even fight on, making it much sound and fury, signifying nothing. Without any impeachable offenses behind it, the resolution was doomed to fail and just one more example of the Democrat party being unable to not act like crazy spoiled children chasing a shiny bauble.

The crazy progressive wing of the Democrats just took a shot at the President, and they missed, which will likely cost them with voters that aren't pat of their progressive crazy fan base.

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