Wednesday, July 10, 2019

39 Warning Shots Are Kinda Excessive And Dangerously Ineffective

Breitbart: Father Fires 39 Shots to Fend off Naked Suspect Claiming to Be ‘the Devil’

A female home invader claiming to be the devil (naked, of course), breaks into a family's home and attacks them.

Father of the house fires shots in her direction to get her to leave, which only annoys her, leading to her attacking him.

He fires a total of 39 shots to no effect, eventually throwing furniture at her and she's not stopped until the man's son nails her with a wrench to the neck.

Note that the report is that

the father and the alleged intruder were both injured during the altercation but none of the injuries were from the gunshots

39 shots fired, zero hits. If they were warnign shots, they were impressively ineffective in warning off anything.

Either he needs some remedial marksmanship training, and/or some legal retraining to know that warning shots, especially 39 warning shots, really aren't.


Old 1811 said...

Leaving aside the fact that warning shots are illegal and stupid (those 39 bullets went somewhere and hit something), this shows that the "father" can't bring himself to actually shoot someone and take the responsibility for taking someone's life. I can't blame him for his moral choice, but if he thinks his gun will automatically scare the bad guy into fleeing, he just found out different. And now every bad guy who read this report knows he won't shoot them.
I don't see this ending well.

Aaron said...

Old 1811

Yep, in most states, warning shots are illegal. In the few remaining states, warning shots are stupid.

39 warning shots is damn careless.

You're exactly right that jus having a firearm and lacking the deterioration to shoot an attacker in order to stop the attack will not end well.