Monday, January 14, 2019

The Government Shutdown Of Fun - IRS Edition

Well, even as the government is supposedly shut down the IRS had no problems cashing my quarterly withholding check. That's highly appreciated, really.

On the other hand, the IRS turned off its fax line for filing S-Corp elections. It's not like a fax line costs money or anything and assuming they're up to date technology wise that fax should go right to electronic storage so its not like anyone even needs to be there to refill the fax machine's paper tray or anything like that.

As a result, quite a few of my clients are left hanging wondering if their election to be an S-Corp will be approved or not. Also I can't send the elections cheaply by fax but now have to be mailing them by certified mail so we have a proof of mailing as there are deadlines as to when you can make that election and missing the the election cutoff date has serious tax consequences. Hopefully the IRS will count the election date as the date of mailing, not the date when they finally reopen.

So, the shutdown doesn't affect them processing check and taking in your money, but it does affect you making a filing that has a tight deadline that can save you money. A real nice shutdown we got here.

End this clown show - allocate the money to build the wall which is a drop in the bucket as far as federal government overall spending goes, make a real budget, and pass it already so we don't have these continuing resolution games.


juvat said...

Well, Aaron, There you go....thinking logically again. You know the only logic to a public employee is "what's in it for ME".

But I understand your frustration (our frustration).

B said...

I always send "Certified, Return Receipt Requested" so that I have not only a proof of mailing date, but proof of receipt as well.

And yes, they cashed my quarterly check as well.

Odd, that.

This whole "shutdown" is just parlor games.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

They want to make the shutdown as painful for the public as they can. I remembered on the shutdown in 2013, the government deployed "barrycades" to totally inconvenience the American public, especially at the national Mall, but the illegal immigrant rally that was nearby was unimpeded. Build the wall, the total spending is a drop in the bucket.