Monday, January 28, 2019

Snow-Ma-Geddon or Snow- MEH-Geddon Today?

The news yesterday was full of warnings of the upcoming snowmageddon today. 6-8 inches forecast starting at 6 am and continuing all flipping day.

Schools closed en masse. Kids are rather happy about that.

The Supreme Court and Court of Appeals closed.

Of course, the District Court I had a hearing set for this morning a good distance for the home and office did not close and my presence was required or my client would lose and not be happy.

Well, I woke up to no snow, which was good and headed north in only the slightest bit of snow coming down, not even enough to be called a flurry.

Thence in court and back upon the roads with no snow coming down at all.

In short, so far its much ado about not much precipitation.

Of course as I'm saying this I'm sure I'm jinxing it and we'll be hit hard shortly, but so far, it has put the Meh in Snowmehgeddon.

After all, this is Michigan and we do get snow here in winter, neh?

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