Saturday, January 19, 2019

Snow Day

Well, the weather forecast was correct as far as its prediction of snow.

Snow we have had pretty much constantly coming down since this morning. Probably around 4 inches so far, far less than the 8 anticipated.

By 9:00 I had to clear the driveway to get out and drove without too much difficulty to my Saturday morning Jiu-Jitsu workout, save for being delayed by people who couldn't figure out how to drive in what was a relatively light but constant snow.

By 12:00 however it was coming down far more steadily, visibility sucked, and it was pretty clear that no one had plowed the roads in any way, which made the way home rather slow and slippy. Time to get off the road, especially considering the accidents witnessed on the way.

Thence I arrived at the newly re-snow-covered Driveway of Doom™, I made it up with only some slight slippage and hesitation at one point, but I kept the power to the wheels going and it made it up and into the garage, hesitate for even a moment and ease off the gas and you're stuck.

I then plowed the driveway yet again in much more slippery conditions, sliding down the driveway as I went, so Tash could make it up when she returned from her errands of the morning. The job was done and she got up no problem.

Snow is still coming down and I'm going to have to do it again and I must say the day has been quite a workout already.

This is the first serious snow day of the season. We've been rather lucky so far with only light dustings and nothing too serious. Winter hath definitely cometh.

Now time to relax around the house and having a hot beverage is in order.