Thursday, January 31, 2019

Some Legal Tips For You - Don't Do This

Two calls today exemplify what not to do when you have a legal problem and require an attorney.

Call #1: "Hi my girlfriend is in jail for Operating While Intoxicated with a minor in the car and she has a trial tomorrow...." Yes, really. Actually it turns out the story is even better. Per the Court, she doesn't have the Trial tomorrow she already had her trial back a month ago and was convicted - after she stupidly turned down an offer of probation only and the idiot represented herself in a jury trial. It went as well as you could imagine.

Tomorrow as it turns out is not her trial, it's her sentencing after she was convicted most ricky-tick in the jury trial. Answer on representation is still no as there’s really nothing I can do for someone who has hosed themselves, especially on such short notice. Her jail photo certainly confirms the adage that yes, you can be as dumb as you look.

Call #2: "Hi I've got a hearing coming up for driving while license suspended and no proof of insurance. My license was suspended in Georgia because I didn't pay a ticket and I then got pulled over her in (some city) Michigan...."

Ok, when is the hearing?

"It was this morning."

This morning? That's not coming up, that's already done.

"Well, I didn't want to go as I couldn't drive now that my license is fully suspended and I didn't have an attorney."

So now dipstick has a default judgment for driving suspended, that's just awesome. Dipstick apparently never heard of a plucky little company called Uber, nor of not waiting until after you deliberately miss a hearing to contact an attorney.

Nope, not going to be representing this Nobel prize winner either.

Quick tip, know an attorney ahead of time that can represent you when things go sideways, do fully inform them of what has occurred and retain them as early as possible before the hearing. Results, while not guaranteed, while undoubtedly be more pleasing than what will happen when you represent yourself or decided to skip a hearing and then seek representation.


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

If it wasn't for people like this, you wouldn't have good material for a blogpost ;)

Aaron said...


Quite tue. People never cease to amaze.

Flugelman said...

Too bad you can't bill them for asking stupid questions.