Thursday, November 29, 2018

Well, If An Appliance Has To Break

An appliance choosing to break on CyberMonday when sales are on for its replacement is at least a considerate thing for it to do.

The clothes washer decided to spin its last spin on Monday.

Being 8 years old and having been used on a near constant basis, it's bearings and shaft and drum had decided to give up the ghost. It had been sounding like a jet engine on overdrive ripping itself apart.

Repairman said it would cost more to repair than to replace, so replace it we did.

A decent sale on appliances was found, delivery and removal of the dead machine arranged, and I removed the shipping bolts and installed it. Easy and not a leak to be found when I ran it for the first time.

The upside is it is whisper-quiet by comparison, and the spin cycle actually gets a lot more water out of the clothes than the previous machine. Perhaps 8 years worth of improvements to washing machine technology actually improved the product, or we were so used to a dying machine that the difference is noticeable for that reason alone.

Hopefully this one lasts at least another 8 years, and it would be nice if it lasted longer than that.

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drjim said...

I had to cough up for a new dryer about 6 weeks before we sold the house. It just rolled over and died, and the independent repair guy we use said he couldn't get the module any longer. They lasted about 4 years before going up in smoke.

The washer was pretty much like yours. The transmission/gearbox was worn out, and the parts and labor cost to repair it was more than a new one. The repair guy said to just keep running it until it died.