Friday, November 02, 2018

Ice Cream Becomes Overtly Political

Ben and Jerry's, a rather leftist ice cream company, decided to make their leftism rather overt.

USA Today: Ben & Jerry's launches Donald Trump-inspired ice cream flavor, Pecan Resist

Because nothing sells ice cream like alienating half of your consumer market, natch.

The Internet was rather quick to cleverly mock this new flavor:

Yep, its the wokest ice cream out there.

The irony that at least a quarter of the funds will support the women's march headed by the anti-semitic and pro-sharia Linda Sarsour and other Farrakhan loving fellow travelers apparently escapes them. They've actually stated they don't have a problem with such associations. Rather tone-deaf with no enemies to the left I suppose.

I'll suggest the next flavor Ben and Jerry's can offer in their politically correct line:

They can call it Obamacares and offer a vegan, non-dairy, gluten-free treat with a tagline "If you like your ice cream you can keep your ice cream!"

Inside the container however there will be no ice cream. Instead inside will be a colored block of ice. Oh, and it'll cost double the normal pint.

Democrats will buy it like hot cakes.


ProudHillbilly said...

Never understood the fascination with their ice cream. Too complicated and too expensive.

drjim said...

I had their ice cream a few times and it was "OK".

Then I found out about old Ben & Jerry, and now I refuse to give them my money.

Just like Levi Strauss.

Beans said...

B&J have been full leftist for a long time. They actively support "Free Mumia" and other anti-government concepts. And, yes, their ice cream is meh-mediocre to okay at best. Haagen-Daze is better.

Here in the South, we have Publix, better ice-cream for a better price. I like the Bearclaw (chocolate with caramel swirls and dark chocolate cashews) while the wife loves the Egg Nog ice cream (yes, egg nog. Only available from around mid-November till they run out after January 1.)

And, bonus points for Publix, they don't play the political game.

Aaron said...

ProudHillbilly: I never got it either. Often they had cute names but the product was never worth the upcharge.

drjim: Yep, mediocre and now they've decided to take sides politically instead of shutting up and selling ice cream, I have no inclination to give them even a penny from now on.

Beans: That they have been, but this is a bit over the top even for them. You're right that The Wonder-Daz is so much better. Nice that Publix doesn't try and alienate half their customer base, that's how it should work after all. Thus virtue-signaling and division by the Left is getting rather tiresome.