Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Really, Just Puck That Idea

Michigan's Oakland University has just out a crackerjack idea into action for protecting students in the event of a school mass shooting.

An idea so cunning, it can only come from the ivory towers of academia.

The idea: Arm the faculty with . . . hockey pucks.

The Detroit News: Oakland University to fight shooters with hockey pucks

Yes, faculty and "some" students will be armed with hockey pucks to throw at an active shooter. The American Association of University Professors, the professor's union, chipped in to buy a couple thousand pucks, all adorned with the Union's logo for the bargain price of .49 cents each.

Now OU's mantra is run, hide, throw hockey pucks.

You really can't make this up. At least include some hockey sticks for crying out loud.

Arming them with appropriate defensive weaponry in the case of a mass shooter, like say -- a handgun -- is of course, out of the question. We're talking the hallowed halls of academia here.


ProudHillbilly said...

Some school sat out buckets of rocks to throw at armed intruders a year or so ago.

Eaton Rapids Joe said...

A hundred years from now dictionaries will quote this post in the etymology of the word "pucker".

I wonder what the muzzle velocity would be if you launched them with a clay bird flinger.

Jeff B said...

Trying to find a positive side of this...

At least it puts into the heads of the faculty that they should fight back and that anything can be a weapon in the event of a school shooting.

Maybe that's something at least...