Friday, November 30, 2018

Just A Bit Too Fast There, Fella

Slowing down is sometimes the best way to speed up. - Mike Vance

One teen driver here in Michigan has certainly never heard that quote.

The Detroit Free Press: Michigan teen stopped for doing 138 mph on I-75

138 mph is a tad bit much, now isn't it?

When they say 8 you skate they don't mean 138!

The excuse given? He needed to be home before his curfew time.

He was almost certainly late for curfew after that traffic stop. Happily for him he didn't lose control and wreck himself.

Now on top of busting his curfew he'll likely have a much more involved explanation for the speeding ticket to give his parents now. The ticket for 138 in a 70 zone is going to cost him rather nicely. The trooper didn't hit him with a reckless driving ticket, which was rather nice of him.

Going double the speed limit on a highway in traffic is a tad excessive.


drjim said...

Depending on the car, road, weather, and driver, that could actually be a safe speed to travel.

But not under the circumstances in the article!!

Aaron said...

drjim: Yep, but not that driver nor those conditions.