Thursday, May 03, 2018

Rain And The Blessing Of A Working Sump Pump

It's raining cats and dogs yet again over here.  Yes, it's raining quite heavily indeed, as I found out when walking the dog tonight. The heavens opened up and soaked to the skin, we both were.

This time at least we have power, and a working sump pump.  Oh boy, is it working alright.

Here's why we could barely keep up a couple weeks ago when bailing the sump pump pit by hand:

Yes, that's how fast the water is coming in, and about how fast it was coming in two weeks ago, if not even faster.  The pump is cycling about every 19 seconds.  Try doing that by hand.

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B said...

If your pump is cycling that fast, 19 seconds on/off, the there is something wrong.