Thursday, May 24, 2018

Flying On A Thursday

This morning was absolutely beautiful as far as flying weather goes - winds light and variable, ceiling starting at 12,000 feet, unlimited visibility.

So I did some work in the morning and then left the office and headed to the airport for an early lunchtime flight.

A lot of other pilots had the same idea as Pontiac was pretty busy with lots of planes in the pattern or heading to the practice area.

Flying N3553M, I took off and headed to the north to Lapeer to get some airspace to myself.

About 12 miles away I could easily see Lapeer Airport.

Lapeer airport is to the right side rear in the picture.

One plane landed there before me and then I did a very nice landing on Runway 18, then did a taxi back on Alpha to take off again on 18 and head to the practice area.

In the practice area I first did a radio call on the DCT frequency ad found 5 other planes were also in the area, so we each made sure we had distance and altitude separation. I then did some clearing turns and followed them up with slow flight, power off and power on stalls and steep turns. Not too shabby. I finally did a nice decent power on stall - the secret is to crank back on the yoke as soon as you add power so you can actually stall. Steep turns were nice as well.

Then a little sight seeing - Fly over Lake Orion and See the løveli lakes! (No Moose were spotted during the taking of this picture):

Then back to Pontiac to do some pattern work. First I was instructed to call a right base at 2 miles but as I got closer they sent me out to a 3 mile final, which was no problem. A nice landing and then it was taxi back, hold short while another plane came in to land, and then line up and wait to do it again.

I then did four more patterns and landings and called it an excellent time.

1.6 and 6 landings.

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Old NFO said...

Nice day, and good to keep in practice! :-)