Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Now That Was A Close Call!

Matt Hall in 2010 demonstrated some very skillful stall recovery:

A recovery like that shows why he's a top-notch aerobatic pilot and air racer.

Talk about pushing the envelope, going beyond it, and still managing to salvage a situation that would have ended in disaster for probably any other pilot.

Do not try that at your home airport kids.


B said...

Thank god for large amounts of horsepower as well.

Thrust is your friend.

I;d be dead though.

drjim said...

And he kept his cool, too.

Bet he might need a new flight suit, though.....

Old NFO said...


Aaron said...

B: Yep, that would be an unrecoverable washing of the plane for pretty much all of us.

drjim: Yep, he impressively kept it together well and you might be right about the flight suit, but for guys like him it's likely just another day in the office. One heckuva pilot.

Old NFO: Oh yeah!

juvat said...

I don't usually disagree with you. However... A recovery like that shows why he's a very lucky man who's still alive and can continue to practice aerobatics and racing. A slightly higher wave, a hiccup in the engine, a gust of wind, all out of his control would have made a fatal difference.