Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mother's Day Toronto Travels

For Mother's Day weekend we went to Toronto to visit the folks and wish them a happy Mohter's Day.

On the way there, we went through a very Canadian county.

It's not great, it's not bad, it's not wild, it's not boring, it's just:

That humor aside, the ride was it's typical boring route, but we stopped in London to visit the Costco there to get some things for Tash's mom.

At the Costco we decided to have some Poutine.

Big Mistake.

Poutine, for those of you who may not have tried this made-in0Quebec bit of awesomeness, is the tasty combination of hot French fries covered in cheese curds and hot gravy.

Well, the Costco Poutine, for $4.99 Canadian, didn't meet expectations.

The cheese was not melted but removed from a refrigerator, and suspiciously tasted like mozzarella, before being dumped on top of lukewarm fries and warm gravy.

To say it was disgusting was an understatement, the Costco food counter when asked about simply said that's the way it is and would not heat it up but did give us some additional gravy. Still inedible, and not helpful. First bad food choice at Costco and surprisingly crappy service, which is rather counter to what is expected at a Costco. On the other hand, the hot dog and pizza slice were fine but the London Costco certainly failed, and failed badly, presenting one of Canada's famous snacks.

So somewhat disappointed, we left London, hitting a traffic jam on the 401 around Milton that didn't stop until we reached our destination in Toronto.

In Toronto we passed by perhaps the most Canadian coffee shop ever:

Yes, it's a real place, and they are sorry.

Tash then took her mom and the kids shopping to get her mom stuff she needs and I stuck around doing some work from her apartment.

Then there was a great meal together with Natasha' mom and her family and Saturday was done.

On Sunday morning we went to my Mother's grave for a visit and after some quiet contemplation and some prayers, our Mother's Day was done.

After completing visiting everyone for Mother's Day, We then departed, leaving the Toronto skyline behind.

It was a nice Mother's Day visit and we're home now ready to take on the week.

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Old NFO said...

That's a shame... And Costco is usually better than that! Glad y'all had a good day though!