Monday, October 30, 2017

Stop Playing With It, Part The Umpteenth

The Detroit News: Police: Man finds gun, accidentally shoots self

Yes it's a tale of Detroit Dude, a close relative of Florida Man, but still:

A 20-year-old Detroit man is recovering after shooting himself with a gun he apparently found in a heat vent outdoors on the city's west side.

. . .

Witnesses told police that after finding a handgun in a heat vent in the area, the man was playing with the gun when it went off and shot him.

Yet another reason why basic firearms handling safety and the 4 rules should be taught in schools as part of health class.

Guns aren't for "playing with". Unfamiliar firearms you happen to find that were probably hidden in a heating vent are even less so.

The gun didn't "go off" - He was probably clowning around with his finger on the trigger or otherwise fiddling with it while pointing it at his bodily appendages, and he had a negligent discharge as a result.

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