Sunday, October 08, 2017

No Aerial Joy In Mudville Today

I had planned a nice simple and short cross-country from Pontiac to Adrian today. Never been to Adrian before and its about the southernmost airport in Michigan before you hit Ohio.

Unfortunately it was not to be.

A heavy thunderstorm and winds last night left us with very low cloud cover and IFR/MVFR conditions and Airmets for turbulence all along the route.

The briefer stated the magic words "VFR not recommended" which is a clue that it is not appropriate for me to go flying. It's a clue that I do not ignore, so today was a weather scratch.

Of course, it's now burning off and will be all nice and decent flying weather now, after I was scheduled to fly, and the airplanes are all booked.

Ah well, we'll try again next weekend.

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