Monday, June 20, 2016

The Answer: Probably Because He's Not Paying Off The Proper People

The Detroit Free Press poses the question: Why is a person cleaning up Detroit getting the runaround from the city?

John Hantz has been putting a great deal of his time and money into cleaning up and beautifying abandoned areas of Detroit.

The thanks he gets for this laudable, indeed herculean, task is the City delaying transferring to him the abandoned lots contiguous and inside his already owned lots that prevent him from completing his woodland project and cleaning the abandoned wrecks off those lots and planting trees instead.

Since Hantz is a stand-up and honest guy he likely didn't pickup on the "hints", nor follow the "suggestions", as to how the project might be expedited rather than interminably delayed. Of course there's also the suspicion that he's being delayed on a racial basis given the city council's laser-like focus on race-mongering instead of working to better the city.

The City bureaucrats and politicians should get out of Hantz's way and let him continue his philanthropic project of beautifying and cleaning a wasteland area in Detroit.

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