Saturday, June 25, 2016

Snowbirds: Smoke On, Go!

Number 431 Squadron, The Canadian Forces Snowbirds Demonstration team, is one of the best aerobatics teams in the world. Flying the CT-114 Jet, the demonstration squadron travels across Canada and the US to show their flying prowess.

Putting up 9 planes in the air at once, its also one of the largest and most precise.

First the team taxied out in formation.

Then took-off in vics of three

Then after testing their smoke canisters and shaking their planes out, they got into formation.

Oh, the formation pictured? That's after they came out of a complete loop, done in formation.

Here's a shot of the inside of the loop descending.

Then the solos did some outstanding cross-overs:

They then decided to show how close two jets can get, cockpit to cockpit, and then roll.

Not to be outdone, 5 aircraft decided to do a big break

The full team then reassembled and did a Battle of Britain furball demonstration

Then they rejoined in formation and after a few more thrilling passes and cross-overs,that ended the demonstration.

Then it was time to land, again in vics of three.

To say it was an incredible display of aerobatic prowess and precision would be an understatement.


BW Bandy said...

Great post. It is nice to see the Snowbirds mentioned on a blog. They do great stuff.

drjim said...

I've seen them before, years ago, and was very impressed.

Aaron said...

BW bandy: Thanks! The Snowbirds put on a great show.

drjim: I remember seeing them as a kid and they're as good now as they were then. If anything I can appreciate the maneuvers and skill level even more.